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Let's celebrate our Anniversary!

2024, Let's celebrate 120 Years of Light!

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This year marks a significant milestone for Cosmolight as we celebrate two remarkable anniversaries: 50 years for Cosmolight and 70 years for Quartzcolor. Over the decades, we've witnessed tremendous growth, innovation, and technological advancement. Since our inception, both Cosmolight and Quartzcolor have remained committed to crafting top-quality products that enhance the art of lighting. This dedication to excellence will continue to propel us forward into the future. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to industry professionals for their invaluable insights and assistance in developing our products. Additionally, we express our sincere appreciation to our partners, customers, friends, and all who have contributed to reaching this momentous milestone. A special acknowledgment is owed to the individuals who have tirelessly dedicated their talents and efforts to Cosmolight and Quartzcolor over the past 70 years. Without their commitment, none of our achievements would have been possible. In honor of this anniversary, we have designed a logo and slogan that encapsulates not only the tradition and growth of our company but also our unwavering determination to face the future head-on. These will accompany us throughout 2024 in our communications and events. We invite you to join us in creating a virtual museum showcasing photographs of our products and stories collected from around the world. These narratives highlight the impact of COSMOLIGHT and QUARTZCOLOR products and serve as a testament to our journey thus far. Thank you for accompanying us on this remarkable journey. We eagerly anticipate the exciting times ahead as we toast to the next 120 years of lighting innovation and excellence!